KVTC – Karachi’s conscience needs your help desperately, please read and help

Down in Defense Phase 4, very near the Imam Bara, is a three story building, which functions as a salve to our open wounds in Karachi. It houses some 150 people who walk, smile, eat and live as if they are ordinary humans…unfortunately they are not.  You just need to talk to them to realize that there is a problem…they are the ones who we locally call “buddhu”.

Their problem is that they fall in the vague territory of 70 IQ.  Per se there is nothing wrong with these people and at an early age they are sent to school, only to be sent back because they cannot work with the class. Imagine going through life, looking and hearing through a haze and not understanding most things, not being able to comprehend simple things and with no hope of recovery. But now there is some hope. By some miracle, these same desperate people have been blessed with an innate ability. They are able to take up repetitive tasks, do them extremely well and therefore function in the normal world and even sustain a living. So the real question is to find a vocation which suits them and train them to do it well and then they are on the road to independence. That is where KVTC (Karachi Vocational Training Centre) comes in to do this training.

For 21 years, KVTC has functioned as a beacon of hope for these people, in this unequal battle of numbers. It has managed to train hundreds and has released them into the world successfully.  A 12-18 months program makes the pupils capable to handle a vocation. He/she is then employed at various organizations. Vocations can be as varied as mina kaari, stitching, mechanical repair, painting etc. The teachers at KVTC are very dedicated. They are specially trained to handle these pupils and have great emotional control, also show lots of patience and love to the pupils. Invariably, visitors to this centre are totally emotionally overwhelmed with what they see and most have come out in tears.

The KVTC has flirted with extinction all of its 21 years and it is a credit to its teachers and administrators – who work on a pittance – and a dedicated band of people who continue to sponsor it, come what may to ensure that these poor students get the necessary support. It is now in desperate need of help to continue to function and make a difference.  Really not much is required beyond what is being done…..for instance a 1000 people giving 500 a month will see this place comfortable and working well. We, who have food on the table and healthy children in our houses, have a lot to thank Allah for. It is to your type of thankful individual we are appealing, that you should go and see this place. Once you have done that, the battle will be won, as you will yourself take time and commitment out to do whatever is required for its survival.  

The contact for KVTC is a gentleman called Aamir, who manages the place. His number is 0300 254 8886. I exhort you to have a look at this exceptional facility, as it will change your outlook on life.

Dated : Apr 2nd, 2012


About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

6 Responses to KVTC – Karachi’s conscience needs your help desperately, please read and help

  1. Sarfaraz says:

    These guys still need help. They squeeze out an existence based on a few regular people, but really the pay levels at the place for very dedicated teachers are extremely low and the susbsistence support to education could be increased. The pupils there are Allah’s trophies. They are there as a blessing to us all and carry our pains on their heads. We the more fortunate should help please.

  2. Haris says:

    There are many who are doing sterling work at be edge of society. Hats off to these people from KVTC. Please let us have the address in Phase 4 and will try and get people to visit.

  3. sarfarazar says:

    Reference your query, details are:-

    Amir Shahab 0092-300-2544886, amir.shahab@kvtc.org.uk

    Account title : Karachi Vocational Training Centre
    Bank: Habib Metropolitan Bank
    Branch: Ittihad Branch, Karachi
    Account #: 101449
    Branch Code 030
    Swift Code: MPBLPKK-030

    Please go and see it, those in Karachi and then only if you feel the pull, invest money in it.


  4. Farhan Khan says:

    Thank you for spreading the word, Mr.Sarfaraz. It is through kind efforts like these that organisations like ours survive and are able to better serve underprivileged people like the intellectually disabled.

    To get involved, please email us at volunteer@kvtc.org.uk or info@kvtc.org.uk.

    You can also call us at 35382204, 35315273, 03218267326 &/or 03002548886.

    We have a walk-in visit policy, so please feel free to drop by anytime Mon-Thu 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, and Fridays 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    Address: P-10, Commercial Avenue, Phase 4, DHA, Karachi 75500.
    Visit http://www.kvtc.org.uk and http://www.facebook.com/KVTC1991 for more information on KVTC.

  5. JSK says:

    Mashallah. Keep up the good work.

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