My Favourite Blogger

My Favourite Blogger

Sitting there reading blogs and comments by readers, it is fascinating how wrong perceptions occur due to varying filters. So the intention of what’s written is lost and the commentator forces their own perception on others. Then I realised, that in assessing the blog, I also do not know the intention of the blogger. I too am applying filters and my perception could be as wrong.


In the end, there seemed a call of conscience to figure out what do I actually believe in. Amazingly, the absolute core is not that many, which define my favourite blogger.


My favourite blogger should believe in one Allah and all his Prophets, specifically in Muhammad (saw). Out of that comes other stuff. This world is built for a purpose and we are going there. When that purpose is achieved, we shall come together on a cataclysmic day. In the meantime it’s a struggle between good and bad. 


In a typical day, my blogger believes in eating. Without that there is no survival. But food should be obtained honestly. He/she does not over consume, but loves sweet things and avoiding those sweet things is a daily struggle. So the blogger believes in controlled eating.


In the morning he/she should wake up with a larger intention, otherwise it’s a waste of time.  The blogger should dress accordingly, otherwise people (with their own filters) will not understand.


My blogger leaves home in a happy state of mind so as not to cause problems on the road and in their surrounds throughout the day. 


The blogger should believe in thinking out of the box and that life is an adventure. The brain has to think up new things, otherwise it stagnates. When new things happen, the evaluation should be with conscience, to see if it fits society and environment. If it does, then it is incumbent on him/her to try, because it’s for a larger purpose.


The blogger believes commerce is an essential. But, also believes, it is a red herring. Humanity should just search for enough…not more. The purpose of life is to develop oneself in ones environment, but not to become a ravenous collector. We belittle ourselves when we do that. So commerce should be limited, all corporate and money making institutions should be put in their secondary place. Not primary. Our titles should not define us. We should all come home by 5 pm.


The blogger believes in family and friendship. This can be immediate family, school friends, workers, colleagues and even people one meets in passing. Oh yes! He/she believes in optimism. No point in being cynical and thinking X will not work. If one gives up hope, one fails in life. It is a test of Allah.


The blogger also intensely believes in a lack of superiority. No one is superior to another and when they act superior, they should look at themselves in a mirror. They look like idiots! Everyone thinks they are right. Most of them are not! That is why the world is moving towards its final destination. In this regard, the blogger is often wrong and therefore not superior. Similarly people are good, unless they prove otherwise. If they prove otherwise, the blogger is good to them, as they might change. But he/she ring-fences them, so they do not cause harm. If they still harm one, well the compensation will be in the hereafter.


Our blogger believes in responsibility. Everyone has to be responsible.  So there is accountability based on delivery and results. But it starts with the self. As lead person, responsibility is the sum of those who report to him/her. So if they fail, first it’s the bloggers responsibility. He/she also strives to delegate to someone who does things better. Then there is teamwork! The blogger lives teamwork daily. 


During the day, our blogger believes in emotions. Laughter, anger, hurt, love, happiness, ecstasy. There is no need to hide it, but the blogger chooses the middle way and avoids extremes. 


He/she believes in politics and that it should be left of center. Humans need caring. But they should also be allowed to experiment. So entrepreneurship, capitalism and care should all be mixed together ideally and served as a khitchri. But the ruler needs to be the servant of the people rather than master. The ruler should not have to be guarded for safety, because then he/she has been doing things to drive people to extremes.


Let our blogger also believe in chilling out. There are times we need to do that.  It refreshes the mind. But hard work is good, as it keeps the mind busy and the body supple. Sports is essential – cricket, football, tennis, F1, golf, hockey, basketball, squash and snooker were made in that order of preference. Without a combination of these, life will not be worth living.


Our blogger believes in the environment, climate change etc and unless we do something, mankind’s judgment day is going to arrive soon, with water disappearing from our houses and tables; the consequences are obvious. But in his/her mind, it is still a positive, because sooner rather than later mankind will find a way to resolve this tragedy.


Then, the blogger believes in reading. Needs to read to find wisdom -not knowledge. If you read enough searching stuff, you will learn about yourself and life.  Lastly they believe in sleep. Without this blessing we will all collapse.


Maybe you should go and think about your ideal blogger.

*The photo is taken from Wylio, a free picture site


About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

12 Responses to My Favourite Blogger

  1. You will all that on 😉

    Good write up and glad to see your personal blog. Where does Rome 1977 come in?

    • sarfarazar says:

      Will do Aly…thanks 🙂
      Rome1977 comes from my support of Liverpool FC who won the first European Cup in Rome in 1977. Happened to see the match live. Since then they have won 5, but Rome lives on in memory.

  2. sarfarazar says:

    Will do Aly…thanks 🙂
    Rome1977 comes from my support of Liverpool FC who won the first European Cup in Rome in 1977. Happened to see the match live. Since then they have won 5, but Rome lives on in memory.

  3. arsalanskhan says:

    I think I’ll read this every mornining to remind of the more important things in life 🙂 brilliant piece sir!

  4. Rayed says:

    Beautiful. Loved para 8. Now i know why i could not blog.

    • Sarfaraz says:

      I am sure you can. I did not write for over 30 years after school. Then just picked up the laptop and started. Let the heart speak. Thank you for the comment.

  5. RWK says:

    Brilliant! especially the part about larger intentions and happy state of mind; the only thing i disagree with is controlled eating; my ideal blogger will do all of the above but will slip when it comes to nihari, haleem and any kind of meetha.

    Sigh…… My ideal blogger may be a very fat person, but a very happy fat person 🙂

    • Sarfaraz says:

      Well i wish i could eat regardless. Learned the hard way that one controls it. But I still love my nihari, paye, biryani, mithai etc. Rabia Wafah Khan for a person who is slim, you protest too much against controlled eating ….hmmm

  6. loved the website, keep up the work guys, i will be following you. lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email

  7. Historian says:


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