A Quantum Leap of change in Pakistan

imagePost elections many younger people have felt dissatisfaction at the process applied during elections and (I fear) we face disenfranchising these people, who are part of the future of Pakistan. So, I have tried below to show them the philosophy of change and how what has happened in the last few days is a positive step.

A society is a web, connected, intermingled and when you move a small wheel, it will move a larger wheel and so move a still larger one and thus the societal machine will work like any other machine. Small movement, cause and effect translates into large changes over time. A small change now, leads to large change 30 years from now. An example; the creation of madrassas in the late 70’s is today a massive part of Pakistan’s social fabric.

Thus  I watched with interest the changes which could allude to larger change, during these elections. Simple little changes.
  • young people participating
  • technology being used
  • innovative campaigning involving ground activation
  • people standing up for their legal rights
  • a self aware people
Some perturbing ones.
  • people voting more for local rights, federal consequences being less visible
  • a divide beginning to happen …so called educated v less educated
Where this change will lead to, I am not sure. As with any change and an unsure future, one is apprehensive. But change can occur in only three forms:-
This would be the most unplanned and therefore most change inducing. Miracles seem to have disappeared nowadays, but when they do happen they have far reaching effects. Thousands of years ago Hazrat Musa crossed the Red Sea and Pharaoh was destroyed, but we live the effects of that moment till today. I don’t think we should be awaiting a miracle, as we have been these decades in Pakistan. As far as disaster is concerned, a disaster has occurred several times in our history, like 2010 floods etc. Disasters can be a set back for years, or worse a culmination, thus causing great change. There is an impending feeling of doom in this country and a fear that disaster is approaching.  Disregard it!

Typically revolutions aim for utopia, they wipe out status quo and the new structures are set at utopian levels. Over time learning ensues and the revolution is institutionalized and disappears. Society starts reversing the effects of the revolution and it comes back to a more mid lane process..I don’t think we are ripe for revolution, as our belief platforms are too diverse.
China is a great example of the progressive effects of a revolution. Mao killed freely in the 40s-50s-60s. Later after his departure, in late 70s China opened up and the disciplines and hardships of Mao, led to a surge in the last 30 years.
Iran is a bad example of a revolution. A reversal of revolutionary zeal has led to a totalitarian state and the benefits of revolution have not transpired. Instead a bureaucracy has now replaced the zeal and it controls Iran. Similar events happened in the Soviet Union.

Evolutionary Change
This has worked best over millenia of human development. Seemingly slow progress, but half a century on, a later generation looks back and says wonderingly, “look how that and that event has caused an evolution which has changed our lives.”
Evolutionary change can trend towards good, but as nations decline it can trend towards bad also. So in Yarmuk, Muslims won a hard fought battle and for the next 500 years dominated, as the way north and west was opened up. But Nero fiddled while Rome burned and while the Roman empire lasted almost 400 further years, but the decline was inexorable after that.
This evolutionary change is what I am talking about above. To all those who are upset at the elections, because there was a great deal of unfairness. “Wheels on wheels have been set in motion. Patience, this will deliver dividends and progression will happen. You watch. Be patient. Inshallah the wheels are in motion, your Pakistan will change.”

About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

23 Responses to A Quantum Leap of change in Pakistan

  1. There is a massive change in the thought process and now educated class is also interested in participating in electoral process. I hope this is just the beginning of a long journey to democracy!

  2. Safdar says:

    We need to work and no short cuts. Societies do not mature without problems and sacrifices. We have just not learned this yet.

  3. Adil says:

    Very insightful..but i keep questioning myself whether the current democratic process is what is needed in this country.. what may work for the west may not meet the desired objectives elsewhere.. the concept of one man vote needs certain pre -requisites to be met… this election was also a confirmation of the fact that unless the condition of the commonman changes ..this process might remain a pipe dream.. secondly, did countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia prosper under a democracy? The Prime Minister of Singapore was know as the CEO of Singapore. At times it seems that the west is simply trying to sell this concept to countries like ours to keep us under developed.

    The only system that can be deemed to be correct is what works and not something that is being packaged and marketed as the solution to all evils.

    • sarfarazar says:

      Your comments are very well articulated. To clarify, I have not said that it has to be one system or another. however, what i know is that awareness of basic needs and rights is a good thing and it will lead to improvemnet. In the end the game is good governance, which includes honesty, sincerity, accountabiity etc. can this be achieved without democracy? Very much so. As mentioned by you, Singapore is a great example. China I already mentined myself. I think when the common man in a bus in Karachi, Lahore and Sahiwal etc is aware of his rights and has a somewhat image of where Pakistan should go, we will get to where we want. May Allah protect this country and its people. Thank you.

  4. Adil says:

    I agree with you , but in my opinion awareness and ability to act based on that is a function of whether your basic needs are being met. In our country people give up this right for a meal or on the promise of his/ her child being employed. Our ruling class exploits this.

    Interior Sindh is a classic example. People are well aware of their problems ; their rights and yet vote for a particular party because they feel obligated or contrained due to financial / strong arm tactics.

  5. Sarfaraz says:

    Yes I do understand that. I myself have traveled extensively in all rural areas, except Baluchistan. Infact have traveled across Wana in the days when it was friendly, with a Gora and no problems, just free lunches – today that area is either being droned or civil war is occurring.

    Anyway to the point, people are somewhat aware, but not in the sense of how it effects the system. There is more a case of fear. You sort out the thana and the patwari and majority problems will resolve.

    My point is that these are layers on layers and each layer is a point of the Richter scale. Inroads made have far reaching effect. The day with digitalisation is not far that the vadera will lock himself into his haveyli. Inshallah.

  6. Adil says:

    Hope it happens.. as a nation we are being psychologically pushed into a corner.

  7. Syed Mustafa says:

    Spot on!

  8. Ali says:

    You have captured various aspects rather well. For the sake of debate, let me present a couple of scenarios/positions on various forms of change. I will also try to throw the faith aspect into the mix as the majority subscribes to a God centered ideology.

    1) Pakistan, being an Islamic state was based on an ideology regardless of it being valid or invalid. There is a large body of literature [especially of the later day sufi writers like Ashfaq Ahmed, Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti et al and sufi masters like Sufi Barkat Ali of Faisalabad) which likens Pakistan to the She-Camel of Hazrat Saleh (A.S). His people, who asked for a sign and were granted one, were destroyed as they could not honor the promise. So the muslim folk in the sub-continent also asked for a motherland where they could live their lives by a code and a credo which was divine. The God side of the promise was kept but the man’s was never honored. Amidst all this chaos, the sufis due to their approach and spiritual flight posited that a day would arrive sooner than later where this will come to a head and a “benevolent dictator” will make Pakistan a land which is a testament to the God’s glory. The process we see now is that of culling or cleansing akin to Bani Israel’s where they were decreed to kill each other to redeem themselves. If one believes this to be true (the majority does and looks forward to a Messiah anyway), we may see a different form of change emerge; a surgical process which is quick, precise and deep followed by a natural, un-aided healing process.

    2) Above mentioned is too far fetched and at best a conspiracy theory, which brings us to the more exoteric approach to change, well sort of.. God-centered can’t be devoid of the esoteric. You mentioned psychosomatic profiling of the candidates. I would take that a bit further. How about a supreme council which comprises of technocrats, intelligentsia and the people who are accomplished not because of their background but because of what they have achieved. This council has its local chapters which are again driven by the kind of people mentioned above. They choose a leader based on his character much like they choose the Pope in Vatican. Obviously this is how they chose in the time of the Guided Caliphs. Now once the leader is chosen, everyone pledges their allegiance to the him (not her!). The leader then drives the process along. In itself, it will be a revolution and a throwback to the time of the Prophet (S.A.W) but the change that will ensue will be more evolutionary in nature.

    Hope the rambling makes some sense.

    • sarfarazar says:

      You might well have been a follower of Maulana Israr. He believed in almost the model you talk about. For me democracy is not a be all. You should see my later blog on democracy and its niggles. Good governance, fairness, justice and participation of humanity is. To do that it could well be done by the way you mentioned. Awareness and a willingness to rise for ones rights will Inshallah lead to success.

      I Deliberately kept my religious belief out of this, because, in my view what we want to achieve will only happen with the coming of the Mahdi and Hazrat Eesa. But that is one whole different series of blogs, which alas very few would read and those that do will treat like a fairytale.

      Thank you for an excellent comment.

      • Ali says:

        Sir, fairytales are a domain of the hopeful and do not necessarily need to appeal to logic which is approximation of truth at best.

        On a different note, there was a time i was on the verge of joining his Jamaa’t. I suppose my nature and proclivities were better suited toTassawuf.

        Please keep writing…

      • sarfarazar says:

        Thank you and Inshallah. Jazakallah

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