Killing the Self, our Ego!

imageEgo is a killer. Over a lifetime I have learned that if there is one certainty of attracting Allah’s anger, it is through arrogance, pride and ego. Unfortunately, during the coarse of a lifetime all of us get this rather dubious opportunity. Our test is to navigate our behaviour in conditions, which invite such ego.

Consider a situation where young managers enter the world of commerce and trade. They are fresh from education and invariably work for older and more experienced people. These young managers are generally modest people with great listening ability; they learn the traits of practical management and workout how to function in the corporate world. Over time they too become experienced and adept at it. And so starts their trial. They will soon begin fighting the ego game. They are now ‘somebody’ and if they do not watch themselves, they will behave as if they have consequence.

My personal feeling is that, if and when they fall at the gates of arrogance, they will wipe out all vestiges of goodness in themselves. Its not that those good characteristics are not there, but our ego now subdues them, dominates them and any deed done then is evaluated on the alter of ego. As the days go by and life passes, that ego dominates more and more and Allah’s punishment has already arrived. The person has become a twisted, egotistical animal, listening to none, looking at life only through his/her filters and and unable to achieve anything of goodness. But there will be a further revenge, in that down the road, the very reason to be egotistical will get taken away from the person and he or she will suffer the pangs of failure. Our time always ends. So whether by old age/death or by failure or both, our downfall will come.

We have seen this in the house of the arrogant. Napolean, Hitler, the original Jews, Xerxes, the Romans, the Ummayids and all great nations who rise through merit but turn to arrogance, which eventually leads to their failure in the world – In my consideration it is happening right now with the USA. This is a terrible signal event. To reach the top and then fall down into an abyss called ‘nothing’ is a tragedy and a travesty. Its destructive.

It happens in our houses too. We are almost all involved in it. One spouse dominates the other and mostly it is the ego of one conquering the other. Similarly, we dominate our children. Many a times a man is shaping his children into the picture of himself. But to do that is itself arrogant. We are shaping Allahs beautiful creatures (our children), when we do not have a right to do this. Its our duty to impart knowledge and tarbiat. There is no requirement to shape them. That is also arrogance. You think you are worth cloning. So the people closest to you in life, you clone to satisfy your ego.

How does one fight this insidious creep which can happen to one and all in this life. Its by watching and being aware of oneself. This bears watching every living day of your life. You must fight it. When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself you are human and have to deal with other similar humans. We are all the same, regardless of position, wealth, age and gender. If we believe that and keep reminding ourselves, then the day may pass without arrogance or ego. Similarly at night, when you are about to sleep remind yourself..that as you go to sleep, you may never wake up again. That is enough of a thought to make yourself free of ego and arrogance, till the next reminder in the morning. Disregard this need to control your self importance and you will very likely fall into the trap and become arrogant. It is inbuilt in us!

Remember, we are all here because one Iblis thought he was greater than others. Iblis in turn uses this as his favourite weapon. As Al Pacino said “Vanity is my favourite sin”.


About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

12 Responses to Killing the Self, our Ego!

  1. Abu Nasar Alvi says:

    Excellent writeup! A much needed reminder to not feed the ego 🙂

  2. I loved the ending. Puts everything in perspective. It’s interesting to see it as how the only reason there is a ‘Satan’ is because of his arrogance and ego, and hence our existence. Ego being a human trait, is it possible though, that one can completely rid himself or herself of it?

    • sarfarazar says:

      We are humans..prone to errors. So i doubt if we could be totally free of the effects of ego…but we can and should try. The rest is left to a higher authority.

  3. Hari Lal Nathani says:

    Superb.. Please go on writing.. the way you write down leaves a strong influence on readers .. There are very deep lessons for all specially for younger.. By recalling every morning n night, we can try to avoid ego and save ourselves from almighty anger and extend our good time..

  4. Ali says:

    The worst kind of ego mania is thinking you are not egotistic. May Allah protect us always!

  5. Mohammed Ali says:

    By far one of your best posts ! I stumbled upon your blog from some link and have already read 6 to 7 of your articles. This by far is the best post !

    • sarfarazar says:

      Thank you Janaab. I do not actively promote or work on the circulation bit.,using SEO techniques etc. just put it on my FB, Twitter, Linked In. Most people who blog will do that, but it is a lot of effort. I figure if someone reads and likes it then well and good…if not, then that is the way its meant to be….thanks once more.

  6. Beautifully written and indeed a reminder much needed. Really wish to have a world where we put aside our egos and learn from the mistakes made in past. The last stanza, sums up every bit of it.


  7. Beautifully written. A much needed reminder for each and everyone of us. Hope to have a ego free world and a place where we could learn from the mistakes made in past.

    Last line sums up every bit of it.

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