The Laws of Perversity (Never say Never)

imageIts my hypothesis, that there is a trap set at every step during our lives. Its been pre programmed. You just need to find it. And its not that difficult. Just the right mind set and you are in there.

As a kid, I remember my father thinking of buying a Volkswagen Beetle, as a family car. Nothing unusual about that. One in every four cars on the road was a Beetle in those days. This is before the Government of Pakistan decided in its infinite wisdom, that they should tax higher literage cars more than others. So before the Japanese cars took over in Pakistan (and really the world), you could see the Beetles every where. So we all went and checked out the Beetle at the showroom and my mother categorically stated that it was a horrible, ugly looking thing, and she would not sit in it. So, alas no Beetle!

Cut forward 14 years and I was back in Pakistan, having completed my studies and recently joined Unilever, on whose princely salary, all I could afford was an old second hand car, Alhamdulillah. Guess what I ended up buying ? A dilapidated 14 year old Beetle! ( this car had a mind of its own. It would forever stop on Clifton Road at the most inopportune times and caused me constant heartburn). And of course my mother sat often in the same ugly car, for the next 3 years. A soft trap, but nevertheless, one which repeats itself all the time.

Never say Never!

Just go ahead and state your intentions of not doing something in a categorical fashion, and more than likely, the exact thing you denied, you will end up doing. Now, somewhere there is a Murphy’s Law, which states that anything which could possibly go wrong, well it will go wrong. Similarly, I think there should be a Perversity Law. If you say something will “Never” happen, well sadly it will happen.

In my own personal experience, it has occurred exactly like that. I stated I would not study abroad; I did. Never do Chartered Accountancy; I did. Will not join a commercial organisation; I did. Do not want to be heading an operation; I did. Once I leave the commercial world, will never come back; I did. Will never smoke; I did. Will always exercise and definitely have no weight problems; well in the last ten years done little exercise and had the mother of fights to keep the weight in check.

I wonder where this stops and how many others suffer from similar results. Friends I have enquired from, all have a similar story to tell. So is this a worldwide phenomenon? Then the thought occurs, if it is so common, why don’t we humans, stop stating things in a categorical fashion? Or better still, only say “Never” to things you actually want to happen, thus engineering a perverse reaction all to your benefit. That should lead to the perverse happening., which is what you wanted in the first place… right? If you see what I mean.

So then, my fresh, new Laws of Perversity.

A) if you are sure in your mind you will “Never” do something and you state it out loud for general consumption, you will end up doing it.

B) if you are sure in your mind something will “Never” happen and you state it out loud for general consumption, it will happen.

C) if you are blessed with a high IQ and a devious mind, and believe (A) or (B) are true, and then you state the opposite deliberately, thinking its going to assist you to achieve the same, you are wrong! It will catch you out and it will not happen. It simply reads your intention.

D) Law A and B are therefore the only true laws, based on the confidence of your statement.

Therefore, my conclusion, after a lifetime of experience … Never say Never!

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About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

14 Responses to The Laws of Perversity (Never say Never)

  1. Faryall says:

    Sir it’s all a matter of vibes or energy which every living thing emits. This is positive or negative. When we say “never” for anything, the universal forces starts working to achieve that”Never ”
    In the concept of Law of Attraction, when I visualize positively for something, I sent positive energy in the universe n the universal forces attract positive vibes.

  2. Syed Amir Haleem says:

    Very interesting theory… I am going to try ‘C’ on a particular slice of New York style Cheesecake. Will update the findings here later.

  3. Saira says:

    Very interesting laws……. and I remember my mother warning me of the same….and I keep warning my children…. but I suppose we all learn by our own experiences

  4. Omair Nagi says:

    Destiny is written somewhere else up in the heavens so whether you say never or otherwise really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it is Allah Who will decide what will happen. Whether you can change your destiny or not is another debate, but for me just believing that what ever Allah does is good for you, eventually turns out to be good.. You please tell me out of all these experience which you never wanted to do in your life (except for the current one) which of the actions you think has turned out to be adverse for you?

    • sarfarazar says:

      Oho ….Nagi you are now taking a light blog elsewhere…predestination is a much deeper and larger subject. And there is enough lack of knowledge on this among us humans, that I would not like to speculate.

      Your second assertion that what happens is by Allah’s Will and therefore is the right thing to happen is something I totally believe in. So of course no regrets on what has happened in my life. Only a wish that in the circumstances I faced, I could have behaved much better than I eventually did.

      So chill ! and when I see you next, I shall discuss our cricket team with you. That should keep you functional and animated πŸ™‚

  5. Hari Lal Nathani says:

    Sir, I second your law as the same happened with me .. What I sometimes believed I will never do .. I did it .. When I was doing MBA and at the time of selecting Finance as major, I told everyone that I will never do Sales Job and my first job after MBA was in Sales. I strongly was in opposition of abroad employment and delivered long lecturers to friend and known circles whenever anyone showed his interest in overseas employment with the logic that do not leave your parents and family ,in their old age when they need your presence and support, just for the sake of material things i.e. money. I did and myself worked abroad. I was always strongly anti of contract jobs in my life and advised everyone that it is better to have regular job in smaller scale than contract job in slightly higher scale but… I did.. Cut forward there are many such cases where this happened.. 100% agreed to your law and concluding advice..
    Thanks for your concluding advice , I will surely apply this rule ” Never Say Never “

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  7. Manzar Naqvi says:

    You reminded me of something I wrote on the Powers of intention sometimes back and the responses i got over it.
    Does every thought we have manifest in reality? Are we really controlling our own lives?
    We ARE each co-creating our realities. Our intentions and thoughts do have an effect on the field of consciousness. We can either set empowering and positive intentions, or let the negative influences of the world shape it for us.
    The more attention is placed on intention, the more magic shows up.

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