A pantomime

imageRight at the outset let me apologize for this rant. I do not normally criticise or write negative, but this time around it just felt like I should say something on behalf of the common, harassed and saddened citizens. This ensuing write up, is about a stage show on television, like the many one sees regularly.

So there is this lady and there is a lot of her. Most of it is showing. She is dressed in black and the smile never goes away. Around her are twenty young men and they are all gawking at her. They are all dressed in white. The lady stands out, much as she is supposed to. She epitomises Venus and suddenly she starts cavorting. The twenty flunkies around her cavort back at her. In the background, garish music plays

Suddenly, as the music changes tone, the lady becomes still, the flunkies collapse to the floor, and out bound two scrawny looking break dancers, who somersault (or whatever they call this stuff), and have their thirty seconds in the lights. They are dressed in bright green, also to differentiate them. Shortly, the music changes again, the break dancers bound off and the dead flunkies come to life. The thirty second break has done them much good. They now make a determined effort to grab the lady in black. The lady is lifted by them and she contorts in their hands and her dress comes off, to reveal a still skimpier silver coloured outfit. She smiles throughout and the music becomes a crescendo. Then it comes to a grinding halt. The lady stretches out her arms in ballerina fashion and strikes a pose to convey acclaim.

Down in the audience, the main act on the stage is not the real thing. The front row is packed with famous known faces. Most of these faces are stuck in a Botoxed smile, to be shown to the wider world. Behind the smiles they are bored stiff and thinking what the hell. Another evening uselessly spent. They have spent most of their working lives just doing this and so it comes to them naturally. They are what you may call super stars and therefore any price is worth it. One of them wears a striped pyjama type trouser and a hat (like the Great Gatsby). He has bound on to the stage a couple of times. Its his desperate move to be noticed, as his last couple of movies have bombed at the box-office. Anything to be noticed! They are apparently icons of society, but in reality they are unstable, shallow humans, who have mastered the art of creating a facade.

Why they think they are icons of society, is obvious by the reactions of the fifty odd rows behind them. These are the so called lucky commoners. By hook or by crook these people have obtained entry to this event. Some have sold their souls to get here. Others have used influence and still others have simply bought in by paying exorbitant rates. They feel they have achieved nirvana. Tomorrow they shall boast about being there. Today, they gawk at the bigwigs and try to get close and touch them. Some dance and cavort as the stage-show goes on. Others are whistling, clapping and being altogether star struck.

Its a sight to see, as the ones in the front row smile, look superior and condescending. The objective of thier narrow existence is to be admired. They do not quite realise, that their success depends on these gullible masses in the common rows. They are so used to adulation, that they are convinced they are Gods gift to mankind and will succeed regardless. Its called ego and arrogance. The whole wasteful, ridiculous, repetitive and decadent event goes on, as it has these last dozens of years. Somehow, our masses don’t tire of this idiocy and the great unwashed laps it up one more evening.

Time to shut the television and do something useful.

* picture from blogs.reuters.com


About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

3 Responses to A pantomime

  1. Muhammad says:

    1. With regards to “whole wasteful, ridiculous, repetitive and decadent event”, don’t you think that TV projects what masses adore ? We, the common people are the “real creators” of these boastful front-liners. If we just slightly change our taste of our entertainment, TV programs can change a lot. Though its debatable whether TV shapes our taste or we shape TV programs (by viewership ratings).

    2. Your strike at arrogance & egoistic nature of these people, resonates with my recent discoveries in life i.e. In addition to Zar, Zan & Zameen (the famous idols and human manipulation levers), the fourth idol is Zaat (ego). Even from psychological perspective, narcissism, and seeking too much approval from others is not emotionally healthy.

    3. I think we still live in pre-Ibrahim age, filled with idols of modern age and the only way to protect our Iman and useful life is not only to switch off TV, but to stay away from irrelevant company of people, who are passionate about following their idols.

    • sarfarazar says:

      I think it is a moot point. In the end the masses are caught in this trap. You are right, best is not to watch at all. I watch sports only and just so happened to fall into this channel while looking around for one. Regretted it totally.

      The other point on ego…i feel it is our biggest weakness. Iblis fell into the trap and we are all here. I have written about it extensively and always feel it a personal danger. Keep a watch on myself. Here is one blog for you…https://sarfarazar.wordpress.com/?s=Ego+the

      Thank you for your note.

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