The Omelette Maker

imageStranger things I have known. Some skills one is born with and it surfaces in strange places. Others one acquires along the way. In this case, Sharif of Rahim Yar Khan, spending his years in Madina, seems to be a born omelette maker.

Now, I should not really be writing in the middle of my Hajj trip, but I just could not resist it. My Hajj proper begins later, when I go down to Makkah for Umra; therefore this seems a reasonable opportunity. For those who can afford it and have not yet done their Hajj, I strongly recommend it. It will plant your feet on the ground and give you a reality check. We realise quickly how we are insignificant as individuals.

Just for Madina (Prophet [saw] place of burial), I shall note for the record. What a place! Nationalities galore, noisy, caring, alive all day. People live together under Allah’s banner and seem to have one purpose, to worship him. Wish it could be like that all the time.

Madina Al-Shaza, is a hotel very near gate 22 of the Prophet (saw) mosque ( one of the busiest gates). Easy to stay in and the food is good. Though one is not thinking about food these days. Its a popular spot and during Hajj days occupancy is full. Breakfast time is very crowded, as the full force of the pilgrims descend on the restaurant. They manage, but require speed and clever logistics.

I state this next sentence to clarify the unusual rather than to boast. In thirty two years of working and traveling, I must have stayed in over a hundred five star hotels, in different places in the world. Never have I seen the omelette process working the way this man Sharif handles it. Its absolutely brilliant. At any one time he is able to accommodate eight omelettes. Which, from experience of watching, is 3 or 4 multiples of what others can do. On both sides of the frying board, he would sprinkle, the common additives. These would be onion, tomato and capsicum. Then he would ask the people queuing for individual preferences. These could be olives, mushrooms, cheese etcetera. He would address these preferences and then a quick splash of oil and we are on our way. A minute of frying and he would pour the omelette mix on top of the additives and condiments. Sharif wields his two spatula, like two swords and shapes the omelettes all the time. He chops and folds the omelettes and cooks them just so right. In the end, the last request is salt and pepper, which he shall sprinkle on the cooked omelette according to individual preferences.

Sharif has obviously got a razor sharp memory, as he is able to accommodate each guest according to their requirement, simultaneously without errors. I confess, I have never seen such an innovative and efficient omelette process. Plus, in the middle of the frying board Sharif will continue to fry individual eggs according to requests. All this mixed with a soft smile and a pleasant demeanour. You cannot ask for more. Very enthused to meet Sharif, the omelette maker, in the bosom of the city of the Prophet (saw).


About sarfarazar
I have been lucky! A long career with large scale organisations and some acclaim. Also, took time off to write, mentor and do some education and social development projects. I continue to mentor and help younger people in life. Inshallah, hope to write on various subjects in my blog.

12 Responses to The Omelette Maker

  1. shaistayesha says:

    Wonderful read! really enjoyed the description, felt like I was there and watching. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  2. Mir Ali says:

    Haj mubarak !! Thank you for writing about the unsung heroes whose passion is to serve and serve and serve. Whatever he is doing, is from his heart as no force on earth can force him to do this with enthusiasm and passion. lesson here is that if you enjoy and love your work its not work anymore; its all fun and excitement. stay blessed !!

  3. Asrar Amin Agha says:

    Sir my heartiest congratulations to you for being in Madina Sharif – what an absolute pleasure to be in Madina sharif. I always say for my self .. how lucky can I get as I have had a chance to be so close to our beloved Prophet SAW because Allah knows if I ever will get an opportunity to be this close to our Aaqa SAW in my life hereafter.
    Last year while at Hajj I also stayed at Sheza Hotel and couldn’t help but notice the ” omelette maker “.
    Have a Happy and a Blessed Hajj Sir.

  4. JazakAllah. Hajj Mabroor InshaAllah. I was there with my family last year. Wonderful experience of life. I regret why I delayed it until I was 50!

  5. Arif Irshad says:

    May Allah make it easy for you and accept your prayers. Dua is requested for me and my family. May Allah make it easy for us in Akhirah.

  6. Bilal Kayani says:

    Sir, congratulations on performing Hajj. Do let me know if you are still in KSA and happen to visit Jeddah. Would be a pleasure meeting you. My local number is 0509307655.

    By the way, the description has tempted me to stay in this hotel specifically for its breakfast :).


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